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A Place For Thought…

Jun 06, 2016
A Place For Thought…

You know, when we were first approached about doing a blog we were apprehensive about it. We didn’t see how or why this would work. After some thought and some convincing, we are pushing forward with it. We promise that this will not be just a place where we can “advertise” more things to you. This instead will be a place where you can find out about the goings on of us.

June 06, 2016

Business has been crazy right now. Catering is through the roof. Wade Hampton store is busting at the seams with business. Sounds great right? Well it is, and don’t get me wrong we are grateful for it, but it’s a problem. We’ve grown rapidly these past few years. So we’ve developed a plan. We decided to build a catering kitchen. Something we have been seriously thinking about for several years, and now its time.

We found a spot. A lease on a 5000sqft warehouse with three office spaces a break kitchen and a lobby area for a great price. Our dream was coming together. Well, that was August of 2015. To date, we’ve been able to set up the office space and utilize the warehouse area as storage for our equipment. However, the cost of installing the catering kitchen was much more than we had anticipated. Our plan has been temporarily placed on hold. We couldn’t justify spending that much on a kitchen and not owning the facility, our first learning lesson.

As of today, we have been researching and looking at buildings for sale within a certain area that meet certain criteria. We have found several. Hopefully we will be pushing forward on one of these… Can’t wait to let yall know about that and the future of our catering business!

Onward and forward!